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SEO which stands for search engine optimization, is one of the most major digital marketing techniques which became a boon for many after its huge success rates. Earlier business tends to ignore the importance of SEO. Still, various companies do not understand the importance of SEO in promoting their company. In the last few years, it is seen that people are more inclined towards the digital platform and this has increased the urgency in search engines.

SEO is a technique, if done right, can help in a company’s growth and increase sales. You can attract organic traffic to your website if SEO is done righteously. Every business is getting evolved and aware of the fundamentals of SEO as SEO is constantly evolving. It is one of the challenging approaches which is trending in the market. However, it is worth investing in SEO.

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ON-page SEO

We are experts in SEO, thus we advise you to choose the right keywords for your website in order to receive a tonne of natural traffic. Our cutting-edge SEO strategies can help your website rank better in google searches.

Off-page SEO

Apart from the website, YouTube SEO also plays a major role in increasing the visibility of your business. YouTube SEO is done to improve the ranking of your video in the YouTube search engine.

Local SEO

We are experts in SEO, thus we advise you to choose the right keywords for your website in order to receive a tonne of natural traffic. Our cutting-edge SEO strategies can help your website rank better in google searches.

What is search engine optimization?

Let me explain to you in a simple term what is SEO. When you search for something in Google, there are various options available for the desired thing which you searched for. But you often open the top search options available to find out what you want. If you are not satisfied with the result, you check for the second link and then the third then next. But maximum until the end of the page you reach.

You do not bother to check the links present on the next page and even at the bottom of the first page. Once you do not find a satisfactory result, you get frustrated and check for another link. So now search engine optimization comes into the picture. Search engine optimizers generally understand the most used keywords that users use to search for the product or services of the clients. Now they use these keywords, using various strategies to make their client’s product or service rankable for the algorithm.

So, what we do is to make the client’s website appear on the top search result. Therefore when the individual search for the particular product or service of our client in the search engine, then it would be the first from the top to appear. Having a higher range rank will allow our client’s website to appear at the top of the search engine list. It becomes easier to access the website for the clients. Our main aim through SEO is to attract high-quality organic traffic to the website to increase the page ranking. SEO is the technic to improve the website’s ranking in Google search and other major search engines for the related keywords.

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How does SEO work?

Remember, that Googles aim to deliver quality content. For instance, if you search for “ best pet care services”, the Google search engine will deliver the best websites that suit your needs. Google will make sure that the site is authorized, trustworthy, and all its content are reliable. The website shown to you has gone through so many algorithms and then ranked at the first position.

When running a business, you will always want that your product or service is of high quality and SEO optimized to reach your target audience. The ranking of search engines helps to have a satisfactory experience. High-quality content will not only rank first on the searched list but also gain potential customers by educating them about your business, specialties, features, values, and whatever you offer. When you are planning to post more blogs on your websites, you need to take care of the following things:


It is something with which you should never compromise. Content is competitive in the market. Bedsides using high-performing keywords, you need to educate your readers about the values and solving their problems. Google makes use of algorithms to know if your blog is providing any value to the clients. Coming up with the idea about brilliant content is not an easy task to do but there is always a way to generate ideas.

Make use of high-performing keywords and turn those keywords into a full blog. Remember that there are a large number of blogs present on the internet with similar keywords, so if your blog does not satisfy the reader or they do not get educated from your blog then without wasting a moment they will return and check for a new link. This way you will lose a good customer and will impact your ranking. So, make effective and impactful content that will satisfy the needs of the reader and will get what they want. Post content that adds value to your potential customers. Do not just post random blogs for the sake of filling empty spaces.


Another reason to post content continuously on your website is that your old content is outdated. Besides having a great quality of content, adding eductive value for the customers, and connecting with the right topic, your blog might get lower in rank when Google will evaluate the age of your blog. No one will want to read and refer to the outdated content. With time, people look for change and new feeds, So, you need to post a new blog with new content over some time. The newer content will rank higher and attract potential customers. You only imagine, what knowledge you will acquire from the website which has not written something new for ages? Or what product you will buy from a website that has not posted any new product for a long time?

Buyer’s intention

One of the tricky things about SEO is intent. Some keywords searched in google have a different intention. Like, the buyer’s intention for typing that keyword might be different from what you expect. Google tries to find the best possible result for the users based on what is searched in the search bar. So your content should correctly match up the intent of the buyers. Else, you might lose a good customer.

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How does SEO work?

You must focus on three main things o find the good keywords for SEO. The first important thing is that the keywords searched should be relevant to the content for which you are searching. The second thing is, the keyword should be written from the audience’s perspective. And finally, the keyword needs to be themed.
  1. SEO can increase brand awareness: With the help of SEO, you can easily attract more organic crowds that are in search of the product or survival that your business is going to serve.
  2. Attract local customers: with SEO you get to attract the local customers more as they search for the related keywords and because SEO uses the location to attract more traffic.
  3. SEO is affordable: SEO is much more affordable and yields a better result than the traditional method of marketing by advertisements, posting, radio broadcast, and many more.

There are multiple ways in which SEO can be a great help to any business. It not only improves the search engine ranking for your website but also helps in increasing the traffic for your website. So that more people will visit your website and hence you can have more buyers, which means more sales and ultimately more profit. Any business that wants to save cost and minimize its reach should definitely invest in search engine optimization. SEO will help to improve customer satisfaction, makes you more credibility with potential customers, and gain more organic clients. This will help you to generate more leads for your business and more revenue in the end. The importance of search engine optimization is indisputable. If you want to experience the growth of your business, you must invest in SEO.

Yes, of course. SEO is the most effective way to drive organic traffic, increase revenue. Being cost-effective in nature, it helps small businesses to flourish and compete with big corporations. If you provide beneficial content on your website or blog then there is a chance to outrank even large corporations in Google Search results. SEO helps small businesses by creating fast, robust, cost-effective, and user-friendly website that ranks higher in search engines. This results in deriving more traffic to their sites and increasing conversion rates and sales.

SEO can help small local businesses in multiple ways. It helps people find your website on Google and increase the traffic. So people become interested and ready for conversions. Which leads to an increase in conversion rates. It will also help to emphasize brand, thereby increasing brand awareness from its exposure online. Being cost-effective has helped all the small local businesses to gain traffic and establish their existence in the market.

Many factors together contribute to the growth of any business. Apart from all the factors, SEO plays a major role in the growth of your business. It is essential these days to have a website so that potential customers can easily find you and can know about your product or service. It is good to attract online clients and customers for sale and also for business expansion. Today, all things are made available on the Internet. Everything is just one tap away. So, you must be present online in as many search engines as possible.

QuickNish is been engaged in doing SEO for about 16 years and one thing we are sure about is that: it takes time to get results from SEO. No one can tell you about how much exact time it will take to deliver the result but, surely, it will give a positive result. One rough thought I can deliver to you that is it takes approx 6 to 8 months to get the result from SEO when you are entering the competitive industry. If you continue to do SEO for a long time then you will considerably get better results. This means whatever the search traffic you were getting in the first 6 months to your site, will be much lesser when compared to the next 6 months and increase month by month.

After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine which consists of millions of queries. You should consider Youtube to increase your chances of getting more traffic and sales to your websites when you are serious about using SEO. With this, you can boost your organic visibility among potential customers. Create a YouTube channel of your own and start commenting on other videos. With the help of SEO, you will get enough traffic and thus, your subscriber rates and likes on your videos and channels will increase drastically. Ensure that you search the keywords before you create or upload any video on YouTube. This will help you to find less competitive keywords and ensure that you rank better on YouTube or even on Google search engines.

SEO is any strategy that will work overnight. It takes a few months and sheer dedication to make updates on your sites. Depending upon your website, the frequency of search engines works. Once your ranking begins to increase, you will likely have to increase the traffic rate on your website. Remember, it takes a few months to get the traffic. It is not an instantaneous process. So it is necessary to update and wait for the result.

Once you have achieved a good ranking, you are halfway done fo the battle. Yes, you heard it right, it is only half part of the battle. As there are continuous updates in the algorithm of the search engine, there are full chances that your ranking will fluctuate day by day. To maintain the current ranking positions, you need to be as much involved in SEO as you used to be. SEO requires constant research and updating to keep your website link at the top of the rank position. If you do not continue with SEO, after achieving a higher rank in the search engine, you might lose the ranking in just no time and all your money, time, hard work, and patience will go in vain.

Any ethical company will not guarantee something on which they do not have control. If any company gives a guarantee then be aware of them. As the search engine is constantly evolving in nature there is no 100 percent guarantee that your site will rank high. It would be unethical if any company assures you a full guarantee. No company has special relations or tie-ups with Google to get you a higher rank in their search engine. If any company guarantees this, then they are false and fraudulent. Do not trust them on this. Google itself tells us to be aware of such fraud claims.

Google requires to examine a variety of factors before ranking the website or a page. Among those factors, off-page SEO is most considerate. It becomes very difficult to rank any page or website based on just content. Now is the time when off-page SEO comes into action. It helps by informing Google what other people are thinking about your website. It tells Google, about the people's view of your website and if the views are good then obviously your website would rank higher than your competitors. That is why having off-page SEO is a must.

Also, your content should be of high quality and the content should be engaging and relevant to the topic. Without Off-page SEO, your website would be lagging behind that of your competitors. While links are not the only signal of off-page that is used by Google’s algorithm to rank a website. They are one of the most important ones but besides them, there are many others as well. However, plenty of different off-page SEO approaches or tactics that you should be executing. This will aid you in off-page SEO content marketing success, thereby resulting in brand growth. Hence, without off-page SEO, firms would suffer to attain a higher rank in the search engines.

Both on-page and off-page SEO have a common agenda of making your site more friendly, as well as trustworthy, to users and search engines. When any search engine would see how friendly your website is to them and users, it will automatically increase your chances to rank higher in the search engine. It will increase your brand value and business success.

SEO content, also known as search engine optimization content, is content that is created to help your site’s ranking in the search engine result. If your content is not SEO friendly then there are chances that your website will not rank higher on the page and you would not get the desired traffic that you have aimed for. To generate more leads, to get the maxim of traffic, to increase brand awareness, for the success of your business, and to extend the visibility of your business, it is a must that you should write SEO content for your website. SEO content creation would be crucial as every search engine including Google uses your content quality to determine its ranking.

None of the search engines get paid so none of the search engines bothers or care if your use them or any other search engine. But there is someone who cares a lot. It is businesses that make money through advertisements and promotions. The page at which you land after you have entered a search query in the search engine bar is called SERP, which is a short form of search engine results page. And this page which is called SERP delivers you with an organic result for the keyword that you have searched in the specific search engine.

The organic results are also known as PPC, which is the short form of pay-per-click ads. The organic results are heavily influenced by SEO. You cannot pay Google or any of the search engines to occupy the higher rank in the organic result. However, the ads on the page are the medium for them to make their money. So, the better the results you are delivered, is more likely it that you are going to use that search again in the future. The more people will use the desired search engine, the more ads can be shown. Therefore, more money can be made through this technique.

Google uses various processes to rank hundreds and thousands of sites in the blink of an eye. These processes are termed algorithms. When a user searches for something in Google, an algorithm is run in the background and it checks the index and delivers a list of websites that matches the keyword that the user has entered in the search bar. Thi list is termed organic results. The website with the highest rank is listed on top of the organic result. The ranking is done based on the relevance, prominence, and popularity given by inbound links. The algorithm works upon various insights and off-site elements before determining which website is relevant to show information that is searched by the user. Then all the relevant websites are added to the list, which is ranked by prominence. Again, the algorithm tends to determine which site delivers the best answer for the searched query. The sites with the best relevant answer are listed on top of the organic result list.

The link building technique is a practice of building backlinks to a website. Their goal is to improve search engine visibility. It is a tendency to find the broken links on the resource page and replace those broken links with the link to your website. This will ensure that your website is getting a good quality of backlinks from any website.

If you have a business with an online eCommerce shop, then SEO would take a slightly different direction. eCommerce SEO would include the following:

  • Keyword research
  • Unique page description
  • Unique product description
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Search engine friendly formatting
  • Image optimization

eCommerce SEO endeavors to catch your product or survive to that of customers who are ready to buy them.

Small business owners and in-house marketing managers can capable of handling the basics of SEO on their own. However, once you get into the weeds, you are going to require some professionalism and expertise in SEO. SEO agencies like QuickNish work on various SEO areas like local SEO, content strategy, technical SEO, reporting, and many more. We are a designated person for the required post who handles everything under SEO and communicate directly with the client.

An SEO agency can handle multiple duties related to SEO like:

  • SEO Content Creation
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Link Building

For an established SEO agency, their whole team would work on a single client. They have in-depth knowledge about the search market sector, they know what is trending, what keyword to select for the desired product or service to gain more organic traffic. They work beyond their limit to get your businesses to succeed. And QuickNish is one such agency of Vadoadar that provides SEO service to their clients.

There is a tremendous thing that SEO does to your business. Many businesses are still not aware of the power of SEO to them. Even if you have created a website, it is essential to deliver SEO content and keep on updating those content from time to time on your website.

SEO would be the reason for your website ranking. If you have done SEO, then it is more likely that your website would rank higher in the search engine results. Due to this, you would be able to attract more organic traffic and do more conversions. Hence, you would get profit in business.

For the promotion of the brand and doing an advertisement or even posting anything on the website, you have to create content. Content should be SEO optimized, only then it would be able to attract a large crowd.

SEO helps to boost the inbound traffic to your website which is an excellent step for generating more business. It also thereby, helps to lead more customers and build trust and credibility.